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Finally, I've time to update again. First I've new icons. It's been a long time since I've made any but I was in the mood recently and I tried a lot of tutorials which are collected here: That was definitely a great help. Anyway, I'll post art like icons and music videos etc. public and private things fo. Because I don't think that everyone should be able to read my personal stuff. I promise that I'll write more updates now I think I really neglected this. 

Danny Taylor (Wat)
Eric Close
Wat Cast
Mischa Barton



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New York, New York / New York here we come

I'm so excited! Tomorrow my mom and I are going to fly to New York! That will be the greatest and furthest trip I've ever done! My baggage is packed, but I've to get up very early tomorrow: at 5 am. We've to be 2 hours earlier at the airport and our flight is at 9 am. But I think to get up early is in a way of typical for big trips. Moreover, I can sleep in the plane. I hope everything went well and I haven't forget anything.  I'm also very curious about the flight because I've just flight 2 times and the first time was a very short one and I can hardly remember anything because I was so young and the second one was also when I was younger. It was a flight with a very very little plane and it was just about an hour in the air to show us our city from that point of view. So this "big" flight will be kind of a new experience. I can't wait to be in the city that never sleeps! =) 
Okay, I'll stop talking now about how much I love New York and how excited everything is. I'll post a new entry when I'm back and I'll tell everything what happened and which experiences I made.   

p.s. I renewed my icons. Most of them are without a trace plus cast and one dirty dancing one because one or two weeks ago I saw it the first time! And it's so much love! I'm amazed by that movie! Furthermore I'm also so much in love with the soundtrack. I ordered the dvd and the soundtrack from amazon and I guess I've watched the movie now about 4 times. But the german translation is very strange because they often say something which means something completely different than they say in english. It's like you're watching two different versions of dirty dancing.
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After I've downloaded a new update for my windows movie maker I wanted to try the different effects and here's the result. As always, I hope you like it and comments/feedback are much love =)

Title of your video: 7 Second
Song/Artist: 7 Second - Neneh Cherry
Characters: Martin/Sam
Link to the video:
File Size: 16.03 MB

I know my last update was about one or two months ago. Shame on me! I promsie I'll make one as soon as I can. Btw I made a new "the notebook" banner for my lj yesterday. I know it's not that much with special effects or great colors but from my point of view most of the important scenes are included. And actually I'm satisfied with it because it's exactly the way I wanted it to be. What do you think?
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Gosh! It's so cold here! Yesterday morning we had -11°C and today we had -12°C. We're freezing. In Russia are about -50°C. They often have cold winters but this time it's extreme. But all the cold is coming to us. A lot of homeless pupil died it's so sad. I know I shouldn't grumble there're a lot of people who have a harder life and we've luckily a warm home.
I just want to mention that I'd like to live in the south where it's warm. Maybe if I'd live there I'd grumble that's it's too warm. But it doesn't have to be hot it just should be warm and about 20-25°C like in springtime here that would be perfect. Well, but we can't change it so we have to live with it and I'm sure there're a lot of more serious problems. So I'll shut up grumbling.

I send a friend of mine both of my music videos (the oc and the without a trace ones with the song "a moment like this" from Kelly Clarkson) today. And she told me that she really liked it. That made me really happy because her opinion is really important for me so I'm kinda glad about that.
I think I should do another one the following days. I've enough clips with new scenes from martin and samantha from without a trace. I just need time to cut the scenes and to make the vid.

Aww, I watched a clip from the csi episode bodies in motion from season 6 about the conversation between warrick and catherine about his wedding. I really love it. Here's the quote:

Warrick: Hey Catherine.
Catherine: Yes?
Warrick: Can we talk?... About this?
(He lifts his hand up with the wedding ring)
Catherine: Sure.
Warrick: You know what happened to Nick. It just got me thinkin'. Life is so short, you know. It's almost... so much shorter than we wanna have to believe.
Catherine: Live for the day.
Warrick: Exactly. I ah... I went ahead and asked this young lady I've been seeing, Tina, to marry me.
Catherine: You know that I'm happy for you?
Warrick: Yeah?
Catherine:.. yeah.
Warrick: Well, it also feels like you're not so happy for me.
(long pause)
Catherine: Warrick... you know the thing that makes a fantasy great is the possibility that it might come true. And when you lose that possibility, it just

The last thing Catherine says is so true and I love this quote :)
However, I'll have dinner now and watch miss congeniality 2.
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Okay, I've a new header again. I just saw it and I thought that's it. Moreover I was looking for a Martin/Sam header a very long time and now I finally found it. It's from hollow 13

At the moment I'm totally on the sandle ship. I don't know why but I checked out a few shipper sites from them and I downloaded some music videos. Now I'm a little bit obsessed. *lol* That's the reason why I changed my userpics again. I wanted some sandle ones.
However, in our school is "showtime" today. That means that some pupil sing,dance and do some stuff on stage. In half an hour I'll go with my friends to it. But it really sucks that we have to write an article about that event for our yearbook. I don't want to do that :( But our teachers don't care about that *lol*
It's finally weekend that makes me happy too. This week was really stressful. We had 3 tests and some other stuff. But now school will be hopefully a little bit more calm. But when is school ever calm?
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I was tagged by angellu

The first player of this game starts with the topic of "5 Guilty Pleasures" and people who get tagged need to write an LJ entry about 5 Guilty Pleasures as well as state this rule clearly. In the end you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names.

1) tv - especially my favorite tv shows
2) books/fanfictions - when they're really exciting who can stop reading them?
3) icons - what else to say? I just love them :)
4) my favorite music - can't live without it - love my little ipod :)
5) sweets and chocolate x)

dricks, waschal
just two because I don't want to double tag people
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